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MuzArt Classes

MuzArt programmes help children (Ages 3 to 12) develop crucial traits while playing. Our teaching methods aim to grow their confidence and artistic potential in a fun and interactive way.

MuzArt Art Classes will cater to your child's intellectual growth based on their age. Every phase of a child introduces a new type of skill they learn. MuzArt Art Classes aim to fuel the development of both the left and right sides of their brains.

In our art programme, we only encourage our young artists. Though we may guide and assist them in illustrating proportions and techniques, the young creative minds of our students will always be in charge of the direction and emotion of their art. Art is an activity that increases the elasticity of an individual's creativity. The exploration of the mind's limitations.

Here at MuzArt, we aim to enhance your child's intellect. The process of creating art is a meticulous and intricate process, developing their patience and motor skills. Through our classes, they will experience varying levels of complexity. From simple clay sculptures to complicated paintings.

Please watch this detailed video regarding MuzArt Classes!

Paint Brushes

Here's How Your Child Will Learn: